A Little Punch Drunk

A Little Punch Drunk

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The Adventures of Nakedman

Nakedman has been traveling the world and making himself know for doing the craziest things wearing nothing but a smile. It all began when Naked man took a flying leap off a roof here in Florida tackling the owner of the home. Once grounded he runs inside the house in an attempt to steal the family TV. But Nakedman couldn't hack it as a burglar and dropped the TV breaking it in the process. Obviously unhappy with the outcome Nakedman does what any sane person would do and kicks over a wet-vac spilling the contents in the floor and runs down a hall and ducks into a nearby bedroom. Once inside he rifles through the drawers finding and smelling a young boys clothing while he (you guessed it) masterbates feverishly until the aforementioned tackled owner of the home enters the same room to retrieve his gun. (Yes he keeps his guns in his sons room)
Eventually cops arrive on the scene to apprehend Nakedman, but he would not go down without a fight. After being tased in the living room Nakedman began to suck the dirty water from the wet-vac he had kicked over and begins to vomit on the floor. With police and Nakedman both now gone and the memory of the encounter still fresh in everyone's mind life was beginning to return to normal until the family finds Nakedman's parting gifts. Two heaping piles of shit left by Nakedman inside the front door and by the boys room in the hall.
Since that fateful day we have followed the exploits of Nakedman. If you stumble on any exciting adventures our undressed underdog of society email the story to the show at alittlepunchdrunk@gmail.com or tune in and hear what our anti-hero has been up to with A Little Punch Drunk.

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