A Little Punch Drunk

A Little Punch Drunk

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Rambo Rants For You

Everyone know that from time to time Rambo goes off on one of his (not so) little rants. Well, this is your chance to cause one of his entertaining meltdowns without being the target of his hatred. Simply contact the show by leaving a voicemail at 484-994-ALPD, email the show at alittlepunchdrunk@gmail.com, or even hit the show up on Twitter with the hashtag #RamboRants.
And don't worry if you don't have any little pet peeve or massive psychotic fucking hatred in your own life for Rambo to rant about because Rambo is up for anything. Try and challenge The Man With The Mouth to rant about anything! Try and find something you think Rambo could not possible rant about, then strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

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