A Little Punch Drunk

A Little Punch Drunk

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It Must Have Been in Florida

It Must Have Been in Florida is a news segment that focus on the overwhelming stupidity and absurdity that is America's wang. The not so great state of Florida is home to some award winners in idiocy. Stemming from everyone's favorite face eating zombie story from Miami A Little Punch Drunk has been keeping an eye out for the best examples of the worst news this state has to offer. Many people speculate as to why Florida seems to have such a high concentration of outlandish and seemingly fake news in the country. Some say the sun and heat bake the brains out of everyone. Others blame insanity cause by the overwhelming concentration of stupid tourists leading to madness. But most people will agree that the state of Florida is just fucked up. So if any news stories you happen upon just !ist Have Been in Florida send them to the show at alittlepunchdrunk@gmail.com and see what the guys think of it.

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